Detox B-Tree Water has 0 Calories

Contains: antioxidants, electrolytes,
proteins, amino acids, enzymes and

Ideal for detoxifying the body
and weight control

Recognised as a pure potent
anti-ageing ingredient,
it is a beauty secret of Modern Women



100% Natural - undiluted,
straight from the tree

No preservatives, no additives

Sweetened by Nature -
contains Xylitol - good for the teeth
and safe for diabetics

No. 1 Health Drink - hydrates,
rejuvenates the body and mind
providing natural vitality



Fitness B-Tree Water contains
L- carnitine which is
an amino acid synthesised
by the body to aid metabolising
food into energy and
helps body transport toxins
out of its tissues

Add L- carnitine B-Tree Water
to your active lifestyle and improve
your results and fitness goals

Our Product

This is B-Tree Water - a drink made of natural birch sap. We offer these three functional drinks as a great source of energy and vitality, helping with weight control and detoxifying the body. This is a health elixir whose every component performs an important beneficial function in the human body. Its sweet flavour comes from Xylitol which is a natural sweetener obtained from the birch tree. Xylitol is known for its low GI and is proven to fight cavities, is safe for diabetics and excellent in weight management. Discover benefits of B-Tree Water today and enjoy refreshment with the natural sweetness.

Health and wellbeing
from the Birch Tree

B-Tree Water is a good source of natural hydration and a refreshing drink with the added benefit of additional nutrients. It is tapped from the birch tree in the early spring. Undiluted birch sap is fresh and delicious and comes with nature's own blend of vitamins and minerals such as potassium, zinc and magnesium.

B-Tree Water has a unique set of molecules: saponin, xylitol, betulin and betuloside which can help with weight control and cellulite elimination, strengthen the immune system and reduce cholesterol.

B-Tree Water is commonly known for its detoxifying, diuretic, cleansing and purifying properties. The drink is super-hydrating, electrolyte balancing, energy-giving and youth-boosting.


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